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Maintainance and clearing contracts
Desatorre Clearings, on its urge to improve and attend to the increasing
demand, offers its clients with annual maintainance and clearing contracts,
designed for Communities, petrol stations, industries, shops, chalets, and
wide areas. Ask for your budget WITH NO COMPROMISE.

Reduction and Suction Pumps
Submersible reduction pumps with up to 1800 litres/minute pistons, electric
or petrol engines useful for floods, reductions, drains, etc.

Electromechanic of caterpillar type Machinery (spring)
This system is useful whenever the tubes to be cleaned are of hard access,
just as sinks, bowls, lavatory pans, washing machines, drains, etc are.
These machines effectively, and at low costs, clean and clear from the
smallest to the biggest drainpipes.

Desatorre Clearings has got vehicles such us trucks of Cuban type and
smaller ones useful in garages and places where there is little space for
mobility (drain detectors, chests) in order to get any problem solved.

TV channeling inspection
Precise visual information of tubes conditions can be obtained with this
The inspection is recorded in video. Our clients can revise and get a
graphic and visual report.

Desatorre Clearings submits to all requirements to preserve the environmet.

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Environmentally authorized dangerous and non dangerouswaste carrier

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Environmentally authorized dangerous and non dangerouswaste carrier
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