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Environmentally authorized dangerous and non dangerouswaste carrier

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leak detector water electro-acoustic

When a flight originates in a water pipe under pressure, water flows to the outside at high speed toward the ground around it, causing it:

1 - The material of the tube to vibrate at the point of departure. This vibration, or sound, it tranmite through the tube. This sound (called structural) can be heard with the electro-acoustic detector even at remote points of contact, such as valves.

2 - The flow of water in the tube, near the leakage area, also induces a vibration to the surrounding earth. This sound (called land) is transmitted to the surface, where it can be picked up by the electro-acoustic detector.

Services offered:
Individuals, Companies, Retail, construction companies, major surfaces, Insurance, Industry, Local authorities, water companies.

Any type of pipe or Land (copper, iron, pvc, poliotileno, etc ..)

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Serve whole province of Alicante and Murcia.

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Environmentally authorized dangerous and non dangerouswaste carrier
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